Theme: Express yourself

Making a painting to your own understanding and creation under the guidance of Mathilde. After which each participant can give a brief explanation of his / her self-made artwork.

* A workshop will take 1.5 to 2 hours.

* Min. 5 pers. and max. 15 pers.

* For a child’s birthday party min. 5 pers. and max. 10 pers. (6 years and up).

* Location by mutual agreement.

* Canvas Cloth 30 x 30 cm.

* Children (up to 15 years) price E 12, - p.p.

* Adult price E 20 - p.p.


You can book a workshop for (among others): a field trip, a child’s birthday party, or a company trip. This workshop is a fun and relaxing activity to finish off a child’s birthday party or a company trip.

For reservations or questions please send a mail to or call 06-28810114.

The prices include VAT, materials and travel expenses.



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